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The Spanish jewelry brand Shabada has been a real boho hit for more than 30 years!

And it fits perfectly with Sand in my shoes.

This way you can style a complete outfit in the Boheimian style.

How nice, more is just more hippie, so you can combine endlessly.

The beautiful jewelry is made by hand in workshops in Barcelona.

All jewelry is custom made for us, so we hope that we have had a beautiful collection made for our customers.

The basis of our jewelry is Zamac, which is a very strong and allergen-free composition of zinc, aluminum and copper.

All items are made of silver and have a double coating that ensures years of wearing pleasure.

Furthermore, our jewelry features real gemstones that are selected with great care.

This label breathes freedom and that is exactly what Boho Babe stands for. The bohemian jewelry seems to come straight out of 1001 nights! The designers get their inspiration from all over the world: from the Navajo Indians in America to the Berbers in North Africa.

The jewelry is particularly beautifully designed: from the silver-plated statement earrings to rings with geometric tribal patterns and gemstones and from the jingling bracelets with cool charms and coins to the bohemian necklace pendants.

These silver earrings are suitable for pierced ears, have a total diameter of ± 5cm and are set with Turquoise gemstones.

We love it.

Did you also know that gemstones have a medicinal effect?

The power of the Turquoise gemstone!

Turquoise is a strongly medicinal, purifying and protective stone. It brings balance: turquoise can have a calming effect and provide inner peace, but it also has a vitalizing effect in case of exhaustion. It has a positive effect on depression, mood swings, apathy and panic attacks. Turquoise provides insight and shows that you are responsible for your own happiness and thus counteracts a victim attitude and self-destructive behavior. It promotes creativity in problem solving, empathy and (romantic) love. Turquoise protects against negative energy, radiation, influences and external substances, has a purifying effect and balances the chakras. Physically, the stone has an analgesic, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect. It supports the absorption of nutrients and has a positive effect on rheumatism, gout, stomach, eyes, the immune system and viral infections.

All you have to do is enjoy wearing them!